ONfinity is a trademark developed and owned by Ontec group

With over fifteen years experience in the European IT market, our management team enjoys well-established sales and marketing networks worldwide. Our experience and expertise means we have built a strong and longstanding international sales network, as well as shrewd market knowledge. This solid foundation has enabled us to extend into the educational and corporate sectors. Having our business centre in the United Kingdom ensures that we are always abreast of the fast-changing needs of the customer and ever-evolving market environment.

Our logistics centre in the UK (ONtec UK: ESMS) and the Netherlands (ONtec Holland: EDM) handle the sales and after-sales service for all our products in Europe. Our cutting-edge expertise, professionalism and passion ensure that we are fully committed to satisfying customers’ needs with high-quality products and services, as well as performing comprehensive sales and marketing operations for our business partners worldwide.

Education and corporate products

Ontec Group’s longstanding commitment of resources has ensured that the design and development of the products are of the highest excellence, and particularly suitable for the education and corporate business sectors. We are on the cutting edge of the technological trends in these fields, and we aim to facilitate operation and communication efficiency with our advanced, high-quality and affordable products. These range from portable interactive whiteboards (with wireless models), interactive display screens to rear projection televisions with multimedia functions.

IT Digital products

Our mission is to facilitate ease and efficiency in daily life, and to achieve this, we are dedicated to offering our customers a wide selection of the latest IT & digital products. From handy and long-lasting USB storage products, VGA cards to Motherboards, we are determined to bring the highest standard of products from the world’s leading brands to the market. Our ever-growing product range, as well as relentless quality and service, will ensure the needs of everyone are satisfied.

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