OEM / ODM business

Our product development centre is based in China and Hong Kong SAR, thus positioning ourselves in the heart of many leading IT and electronic R&D resources in the Asian Pacific region. This ensures that Ontec Group is always on the cutting edge, and can consistently provide the latest products and quality of the highest order to you.

Ontec focuses on interactive whiteboards, portable interactive devices and IT products. We carefully select our partners and manufacturers based on their quality, product capabilities and reputation. Our in-person inspections, QC audits and constant and open communication ensure that your products will be of the highest standard.

Our recent partnership with a leading world-class projector company has successfully developed and launched the first ultra short-throw interactive projector in the world, highlighting Ontec's pre-eminence in the industry. The interactive projector transforms the projection surface into a fully functioning interactive whiteboard. By providing the latest technology and quality service, Ontec - along with our OEM/ODM partner - can guarantee a win-win situation for everyone.

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